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Historic Narragansett: Rhode Island’s Best Kept Secret

by Lila Delman Real Estate

The coastal community of Narragansett, RI is the best kept secret in the area. From exploring local history to staying active outdoors, residents are greeted daily with the question, “What new experience will I have today?” While Narragansett is smaller than other Rhode Island cities, it packs a punch when it comes to attractions.

Salty Brine State Beach

From boating and jet skiing to sunbathing and building sandcastles, Salty Brine State Beach is the place to be in Narragansett for fun in the sun. In support of green practices, Narragansett revamped the beach to include an energy-saving shell and renewable energy using solar and wind power. A favorite destination for families, Salty Brine State Beach offers numerous activities in which to participate.

South County Museum

Located on Strathmore Street, the South County Museum is a hub of Narragansett history. For over 75 years, the museum has worked to preserve the accuracy of Narragansett’s transformation as a town. Featuring multiple buildings and living history farm exhibits, the South County Museum provides guests with a glimpse into life as it was in Narragansett’s infancy. On the nearly 175-acre property, guests will find a print shop, blacksmith and carpentry shop preserved to reflect the era of origination.

Fisherman’s Memorial State Park

Serenity, beauty, and wonder can be experienced when visiting Narragansett’s Fisherman’s Memorial State Park. An opportune place to test your fishing skills or play a friendly game of tennis, this park is host to many outdoor activities and sports. Fisherman’s Memorial State Park exceeds expectations when camping, as the grounds are clean, peaceful, and breathtakingly beautiful.

Galilee Fishing Village

Perhaps one of the busiest sections of town, Galilee Fishing Village always has something to do. An active fisherman’s port, Galilee features a fresh seafood market, restaurants, and calm waters. Whether alone, on a date or with family, a visit to the Galilee Fishing Village is always worth the short trip. For added fun, take a sight-seeing boat tour to experience life on the sea as you discover the majesty of the sea.

Narragansett Indian Monument 

An impressive piece in a series of work, the Narragansett Indian Monument is situated on Kingstown Road and is a local landmark. After practicing carvings in dead stumps, creative artist Peter Wolf Toth decided to make one large sculpture for each of the 50 states. And make sculptures he did, as each state now hosts a custom statue. After a detailed study of Native American history in each state, Toth envisioned the way of life and values of the time and carved a likeness to represent it. The statue has been a treasured piece of history unique to the area since its completion in 1982.

Old Narragansett Pier Life Saving Station

Crafted by the same architects who designed some of Rhode Island’s largest mansions, the Old Narragansett Pier Life Saving Station was a beacon of hope in the late 19th century. Though used in the past as a headquarters for life saving operations, the building is now a modern restaurant with an excellent view of the water. Stroll along the pier before or after dinner to make the evening truly unforgettable.

Block Island Ferry

Exploring by land is not always the best course of action. Sometimes, it’s necessary to look at things from a different perspective. With Narragansett’s Block Island Ferry, head to nearby Block Island for rest and relaxation on white sand beaches and listen to the crashing waves. From art shows and performances to sports and fine dining, Block Island Ferry leads residents of Narragansett to luxury only a few minutes from home.

The Towers

Residents of Narragansett enjoy experiencing everything the area has to offer. One historic building, The Towers, began as a setting for a casino in 1886. Between live music, dancing, billiards, and gambling, The Towers became a hub of social activity in the area. Shortly after the turn of the century, the structure caught fire and was almost destroyed. Though granite walls endured, much work had to be completed before the venue reopened in 1910, after which it remained a popular site for years.

Point Judith Lighthouse

A short decade after the start of the 19th century, the Point Judith lighthouse was established. Though members of the general public are not allowed to tour inside the lighthouse, its picturesque presence watching over the Atlantic is enough to draw artists and photographers to the area. The current lighthouse, built in 1857, continues to stand to this day and serves as a Coast Guard Station.  

Pequot Museum

One of Narragansett’s highly praised museums, the Pequot Museum, showcases history, art, and Native American culture as it was meant to be explored. Host to festivals throughout the year, the Pequot Museum carries permanent exhibitions aimed at providing further information about the Native American history and its influence on the greater Narragansett area. Between food festivals and museum-related special events, there is always something going on at the Pequot.

Roger Wheeler State Beach

Formerly known as Sand Hill Cove, Roger W. Wheeler State Beach is described as a little slice of heaven near the shore. Credited with coining the Life-Saving System, Wheeler was called to protect beachgoers and change the future of lifeguard practices for the better, leading to a change in regulations. As a result, Wheeler earned a beach dedicated in his honor; the name change took effect in 1970. Today, residents enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and spending time with loved ones at this scenic spot.

Living in Narragansett

Moving to Narragansett provides a wealth of opportunity for individual and family growth. Between great schools, many local attractions and the inherent beauty of Narragansett’s outdoors, choosing to build a life in this quaint coastal town is a wise decision. However, ongoing research and planning is required before jumping into it.

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