Rosemary Tobin

Rosemary Tobin

Sales Associate/Manager

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Block Island has been my home since 1997. I love being a year round resident sharing my life with my husband Dave, our son Zane and the Block Island community. I have been working as an agent since the year 2000, formally with Ballard Hall Real Estate, joining Lila Delman in 2011. I was born into the real estate business; my mother was an agent in the Maryland/Virginia/D.C. area for over 35 years. To carry on her legacy is my biggest honor.

When you live on Block Island year round everyone wants to know your story, so here is mine…

I lived in Chicago for several years, I moved there to continue my career in politics. Once at the height of my career, I decided to challenge myself by simplifying my life. I left Chicago with a backpack and started to travel, my travels ended on Block Island. I arrived on Block Island in November; I caught the last ferry to the Island. The ferry did not run for the next three days. In those three days, I found a place to live, a job and a life-time of friends. That was 15 years ago and I am still very happily here.

I am an active member on the board for the Block Island Conservancy (BIC). The preservation of the Island is very important to me. The success of the BIC will ensure that the Island remains the same for my son Zane and future generations.

My success is simple, I work hard and I have a passion for what I do. I am honest and thoughtful and I create relationships that go beyond the closing.

Next time you are on Island, come by for a visit.

Current Listings

$1,195,000.00 217 Ocean Av Block Island 02807
$925,000.00 298 South East Extension . Block Island 02807
$1,195,000.00 217 Ocean Av Block Island 02807
$1,895,000.00 995 Mohegan Trl Block Island 02807
$990,000.00 1239 Grace Cove Rd Block Island 02807
$1,195,000.00 217 Ocean Av Block Island 02807
$10,500,000.00 1033 Corn Neck Rd Block Island 02807
$2,250,000.00 1770 Corn Neck Rd Block Island 02807

Rental Property

Cricket Hill
The McCabe House
The Fagan House
Casey - Mohegan Trail
Spring Street
Unit 4 at the Salt Pond Settlement
Korfin-Lakeside Drive
Dunne Cottage
Wind n Sea
Old Mill Road
Unit 6 at the Salt Pond Settlement
Admiralty House

Sold Property

$2,395,000.00 1523 Off Coast Guard Rd, Block Island
$420,000.00 72 West Side Rd, Block Island
$2,595,000.00 964 Dory's Cove Road, Block Island, RI
$4,200,000.00 1210 Grace Cove Road, Block Island, RI
$4,300,000.00 919 Off Champlin Road, Block Island, RI

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Through contributions and donation of land, various conservancy groups have be able to preserve 43.59% of Block Island over the last forty years. 

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